We are architects and interior designers. We are passionate about design, loyal to our customers, efficient in everything we do and socially conscious to the core.

ALVAREZ-DIAZ & VILLALON is dedicated to advanced design and energy-efficient sustainable architecture and interior design that enhances people’s experience of the world and improves their lives.

Founded in 2001 and spearheaded by the award-winning husband-and-wife team of architect Ricardo Alvarez-Díaz and interior Designer Cristina Villalón, AD&V® has become one of the most innovative architecture and interior design firms in Latin America.

The firm has garnered national attention for its holistic approach, forging a reputation in design that is both environmentally responsible and richly appealing to the senses.

We are known for our high standards and inspiring designs, as well as for our efficient and professional business practices and personalized service.

Our portfolio includes multifamily, hospitality, commercial, institutional, retail and residential work. We serve our clients from offices in San Juan and Miami.


Design by the people, for the people.

AD&V® was founded on the belief that architecture and design have the power to transform our experience of the world.

When we are exposed to intelligent, thoughtful and innovative design, we not only like what we see, but also how we feel—what we experience in that space. Good design pleases our senses and gives us a memorable experience we seek to relive.

As architects and designers, we take our role in shaping society seriously, and we strive to create smart and forward-looking designs that respect the environment and inspire others to improve the world.


To create aesthetically pleasing, environmentally responsible, functional buildings and other spaces that enhance the quality of life of the people who live and work in them.

Ultimately, we want to create positive experiences and change the world for the better.