Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón is Moving!
November 18, 2020 AD&V
Studio render of New AD&V Headquarters.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR |  AD&V® is dedicated to advanced and energy-efficient sustainable architecture & interior design that enhances people’s experience of the world and improves their lives.

Yes! You heard it right! We’re moving our headquarters to a new larger space that will allow us to continue to grow and expand.


After an amazing 8 years at Ciudadela, this December we will be moving our Headquarters to a new space located in the center of the Convention District in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

For the past few years, our team has continued to grow, and we needed a space that could accommodate our expansion. Covid-19 only magnified our need since we now need to be able to maintain social distance to keep our team safe. We wanted to make sure we could provide a space to collaborate, and to work comfortably. This is what drove our decision to move.

“At AD&V, the well-being of our team is our top priority. The new offices will provide our team with comfortable, ample work space and will the give them the tools to continually grow, successfully thrive, while providing excellent services and keeping our firm’s mission of creating Places of Purpose.” – Monique Lugo-López, President & COO of AD&V.


The space, located on the second floor of the commercial areas of the Sheraton Hotel complex, will double our current office space and has been completely designed according to strict specifications of the United States Green Building Council in order to achieve LEED certification.

This new facility will include open and flexible work areas to accommodate our team, interior design and architecture libraries, a beautiful conference room that overlooks the district, a 3D printing room, a virtual reality room, a pinup room for the team to meet and discuss projects and have brainstorming sessions, additional conference rooms, a large comfortable lounge area equipped with a kitchenette, phone booths for personal phone calls or meetings, among other amenities. Our goal is to improve and encourage the team’s collaboration and productivity using the new office design.

The new Headquarters will provide the AD&V® Team access to nearby restaurants, event venues and the hotel’s shared amenities. These additional benefits are part of our efforts to encourage our team to maintain a good work-life balance.

The design of our new office was also intended to create a full sequence of experiences for our clients once they walk through our doors. Our new Headquarters is easy to access and has a direct entrance to our space. It will give our visitors a unique experience to discover the office as they go, while enjoying the beautiful view of the Convention District.


Our new space will continue to uphold our design philosophy: promoting a healthy environment for our team, using natural lighting, conserving energy, minimizing waste, reducing our overall carbon footprint, and serving as a showroom for our clients and visitors.

Some of the sustainable measures we are incorporating into our new offices are: high efficiency LED lighting fixtures, Lutron lighting system controls and sensors, solar window films to reduce heat gain, sound absorption panels made from recycled content, energy efficient AHU and controls, zero VOC paints, fixtures that reduce indoor water use, formaldehyde and urea free adhesives, as well as ergonomic furniture that includes standing desks. We will reduce the environmental impact of the move by reusing most of our former offices’ furnishings, materials, and equipment. (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!)

Studio render of New AD&V Headquarters.

“Putting our words into action through sustainable practices is how we lead by example. We understand that making responsible choices and encouraging our clients to do so contributes to the greater good. We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” – Cristina Villalón, Co-Founder & Managing Principal of AD&V®.

At AD&V®, we believe that responsible coexistence through sustainable practices is a global movement that each one of us needs to play a role in.


Its bittersweet to leave the Ciudadela office after eight wonderful years! Words cannot begin to express how grateful we are for the amazing memories and experiences lived during that time. When we arrived, we were practically the only ones. Now there is a bustling community of young professionals, businesses, restaurants and amenities. We will miss Santurce’s energetic and optimistic scene! Once again, we are relocating to a place that’s yet to become an animated community. We hope to be the first of many to join us in creating a new thriving ecosystem.


The new Headquarters will represent our values and where we are headed in the future. We want to showcase who we are in a space filled with positive energy and a sense of opportunity. We look forward to this new space continuing to help our team and our firm thrive.

Reception render of New AD&V Headquarters.

“Through this move to the new Headquarters we hope to attract other businesses to help catapult the area’s growth and create a sense of community. Our goal is always to identify a space where it makes sense for our firm to be, while being a catalyst for the economic development of an area that is important for the city’s infrastructure.” – Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz, Co-Founder & CEO of AD&V®.

Thank you for following our journey in Santurce, Puerto Rico. We hope you love our new offices as much as we already do.

Here’s to new memories!


Keep our information in your database updated!

Our new address will be:

Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón
200 Convention Blvd.
Suite 201
San Juan, PR 00907

t. 787-754-1381
f. 787-282-6705

See you at our New Headquarters in 2021!



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