A Firm Commitment With Our Planet: Let’s Take Action During Earth Month
April 5, 2017 AD&V
Earth Month

April is Earth Month. There’s no better time than now to make small adjustments that can have a huge positive impact for our planet.

Earth Month stems from Earth Day, established on April 22, 1970, when thousands of colleges, universities, secondary, and primary schools as well as hundreds of communities throughout the U.S. joined to call for environmental reform and “save the planet.” Over the years, Earth Day evolved into Earth Week and then into Earth Month.

Today, 193 countries and more than a billion people worldwide get together in April to discuss the environmental issues the planet is facing—climate change, pollution, renewable energy, water supply, biodiversity, habitat and environmental damage, among many others—and strategies to address these problems individually and on a global scale.

This month, we will be publishing content related to the environment, sustainability, and other relevant topics hoping to raise awareness, educate and encourage every person to do his or her part, however small, to help our planet.

At AD&V, we celebrate Earth Month every month.

Our offices are meticulously eco-friendly, and we actively provide and promote design solutions that incorporate sustainable practices. At AD&V, we walk the walk.


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